Lozenge is looking for talented team members who can contribute to its growth with a strong combination of technology and business skills.


We’re looking for consultants to help our clients’ financial directors with their digital transformation projects (service and production).

Join us!




R&D engineers design, develop and manage Lozenge’s API solutions, optimizing their functionality.

Main tasks:

  • Conduct the company’s technology and competitive intelligence
  • Analyze user needs and identify areas for improvement or product development
  • Study project feasibility based on technical constraints, taking budgets and deadlines into account
  • Draw up technical specifications and define project requirements
  • Identify the tools and methods to be implemented in the development phase
  • Define and carry out product validation tests and apply necessary corrections
  • Pilot phase transfer and monitoring
  • Provide technical support to production teams in the deployment phase

Required skills:

  • C#
  • Databases (Oracle and SQL server)
  • Python

Quant developers respond to clients’ quantitative needs.

Main tasks:

  • Respond to the quantitative and valuation needs of Lozenge clients
  • Participate in the development and maintenance of the pricing library (Lozenge Risk)
  • Integration of new valuation and risk indicators into the library (Lozenge Risk)
  • Participate in the development and maintenance of the AI module (Lozenge Explore)

Required skills:

  • Programming languages: C# / Python, but knowledge of another language such as C++ or Java is largely sufficient
  • Knowledge of market finance
  • Quantitative finance (linear and derivative financial instrument valuation models)
  • Machine learning skills would be an advantage
  • Databases: SQL, Oracle


  • Engineers specialised in market finance
  • Masters in Quantitative Finance

Developers create applications to meet clients’ detailed specifications and selected technical architecture.

Main tasks:

  • Participate in the detailed analysis of functional and technical needs
  • Code the solution (software, application, system, etc.)
  • Draw up related documentation
  • Implement the solution with the selected technology
  • Test and validate the development
  • Manage the corrective and adaptive maintenance of the application


Business analyst/Technical analyst

They develop consultancy, software solution integration, and IS evolution or design projects for front office as well as risk management or asset management. These consultants also work on the functional phase of a project, determining what the information system needs to deliver.

Main tasks:

  • Analyze user needs
  • Draw up the functional specifications document
  • Design the functional solution
  • Manage projects and monitor developments
  • Provide user support

Required skills:

  • General IT knowledge
  • Knowledge of specific financial software packages (Murex, Summit, Bloomberg, Reuters, Calypso, etc.)
  • Understand financial market activities
  • Knowledge of financial products (rates and derivatives, shares and derivatives, exchange, treasury, credit, etc.)
  • Understand banking and financial regulations (Basel II, III and IV, EMIR, FRTB, TRIM, etc.)
Data Scientist

Main task:

  • Develop machine learning algorithms tailored to the needs of the business teams.

Required skills:

  • Structure and analyze required data
  • Statistical skills
  • Knowledge of machine learning models
  • Databases (Oracle, SQL)
  • Programming languages: Python (standard data analysis and machine learning libraries: Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, etc.), possibly C#


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