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The Lozenge Group places its corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy at the heart of its development and growth strategy to meet the expectations of all its stakeholders and those of all its clients.

Our group has a social responsibility that we assume on a daily basis through our responsible attitude towards our employees, our customers and our environment.


We also express our gratitude to the community through:

— Obtaining Innovative Start-up Status through numerous internal projects and initiatives

— The dynamic of our teams based on the sharing of knowledge acquired by each individual in training or in the field :

• Develop our skills

• Develop a true collaborative approach

• Encourage our employees to write articles or white paper about our activities


To attract and retain top talent, we offer individualized training plans based on renowned graduate schools.

The Lozenge Group is a partner of:

— Euro Institut d’Actuariat (EURIA, Brest, France).

— IMT Atlantique (Mines Telecom Bretagne, Brest, France).

— Institut d’Administration des Entreprises (IAE, Brest, France)

— ENI (IT Graduate School, Quimper, France).


The CSR in our internal practices is based on values and ethics shared by all its employees through a Charter of Compliance.